Exams and X-Rays

X-rays are necessary for looking at cavities, erupting teeth, bone diseases, and injuries. They’re used to help determine a plan for orthodontic treatment too. X-rays can help our team diagnose and treat conditions that we may not notice in a clinical examination.

Small cavities may go unnoticed during an exam without an x-ray, especially if they’re in between the teeth. We don’t want that decay to go unnoticed for long. So, those cavities can be detected in an x-ray so we can treat them before they worsen. If cavities become too big and visible, they may not be able to be treated with a white filling or crown.

Radiation from dental x-rays is small, but not insignificant. Over time, radiation increases, so we always do our best to limit your child’s exposure. Digital x-rays and lead body aprons with thyroid shields are used to keep every patient safe.

The frequency of dental x-rays varies based on the patient’s specific needs. Children usually need x-rays more regularly than adults do because their mouths are growing and changing at a rapid pace. They’re also more at risk of tooth decay. Dental x-rays are a much lower risk than untreated dental issues.

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