Send direct mail postcards to visitors who leave without buying.

Direct Mail Retargeting automatically matches 50% of your lost website visitors to mailable addresses, and mails postcards each day.

This kind of physical marketing has a higher engagement rate and stronger brand recall than digital marketing, especially when it comes to retargeting.

So even though 98% of your visitors leave without purchasing, retarget them in a way that they’ll remember your business and come back ready to buy – before they go with your competitor

How Direct Mail Works

Our team will work closely with you in our easy, step-by-step Postcard Retargeting program to help you convert more website visitors.

Step 1: Review & Set Up

We review your current website traffic and discuss the best targeting approach.

We work with hundreds of clients and know how to best set up filters and rules so that you’re mailing to an audience most likely to convert.

Step 2: Send Postcards

We’ll mail postcards each day to the targeted addresses. The number of cards mailed per day is based on your traffic, the targeting, and your budget.

Some clients mail 10 cards per day, some over 1,000. It’s up to you.

Step 3: Track Results

We track the number of available addresses, mailed cards, and returning visitors each day.

Plus, if you have an e-commerce site with a conversion URL, we can track those visits, too.

Our team will work with you to review the targeting or creative and refine the program to continuously improve the results.

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