What Are Pediatric Dental Crowns?

Crowns are used to cover the tooth and protect all visible areas. They’re tooth-shaped dental restorations that can help the tooth maintain its shape, size, strength, and function. Teeth in the front can be covered with tooth-colored crown options to blend in with the other teeth.

Our high-quality crowns will restore your child’s teeth to help them maintain the most beautiful smile possible. We use world-class technology and procedures to fit each child’s individual needs.

When Does a Child Need a Dental Crown?

If cavities aren’t properly treated, they could grow big enough to damage the remainder of the tooth. A crown is put in place to encase the rest of the tooth to prevent further decay. When cavities destroy too much of the tooth, there may not be enough tooth structure left to support a crown.

We recommend a crown whenever we spot a cavity. The sooner a cavity is filled, the less damage will occur. In some cases, we might recommend a pulpotomy (nerve treatment) if the tooth is cracked or breaking down without cavities present.

Do Baby Teeth Need Dental Crowns?

You might be wondering if crowns are necessary if a baby tooth has a cavity. Baby teeth will fall out on their own one day, so it might seem easier to remove a damaged tooth instead of putting a crown on it.

While baby teeth are temporary, they still need to be maintained. These primary teeth are in place to help children speak, chew, and prepare the mouth for adult teeth. Putting a crown on a baby tooth rather than removing it lessens the need for orthodontic work in the future. If your child’s baby teeth aren’t properly cared for, they could face pain, infection, and premature tooth loss, which could affect their future dental health

Can Crowns Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent the need for crowns is to keep up with your child’s dental health. Ensure they brush their teeth at least twice daily. This habit should begin as soon as their first tooth appears. If you’re not sure how to properly brush baby teeth, you can check out our tips for brushing baby and toddler teeth.

Limiting the consumption of sugar can also reduce the risk of cavities. Sugary snacks and drinks can lead to tooth decay. To keep your child’s teeth as healthy as possible, schedule a dental exam and cleaning every six months. If you do, their smile will shine extra bright!

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