Comprehensive Exams

We pride ourselves in making preventative dentistry our specialty. Dental exams are the key to preventing dental issues. With regular exams, we can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental health risks for your child. We work hard to make every dental experience exciting and educational for young patients. Our goal is to keep your child’s smile safe while keeping you at ease. We want to ensure that your kid’s grin continues to warm your heart!

Comprehensive Exam Benefits

Comprehensive exams are a chance for us to look for any signs of decay or other oral health concerns. We’ll also examine your kid’s development in their teeth and jaws.

We aim to catch problems early before they become difficult to fix. The sooner we spot issues, the less invasive, pricey, and time-consuming the treatment will be.

During appointments, we will continue to educate parents and children to encourage an ideal dental plan at home.

Smile Watch

Your child’s needs will affect how we approach each exam. Some exams will start with us taking x-rays using devices. Our imaging equipment emits the lowest possible dose of radiation to keep your child safe.

X-rays are crucial for spotting small cavities and other problem areas that could be obstructed by gums, skin, bones, and teeth. Once the x-ray process is complete, we’ll help your child get comfortable in an exam room. Infants and toddlers can sit on your lap during their exams.

The dentist will use special tools to count the child’s teeth while examining their teeth and gums. We will also check on their restorations and sealants if they have any. During the appointment, the doctor will talk to your child about brushing and flossing routines. They’re happy to answer any questions you or your child have about treatment. Our staff can also offer advice for breaking unhealthy habits, such as thumb sucking.

Toward the end of the exam, we’ll clean your child’s teeth to keep them in tiptop shape. If needed, we can also apply sealants or complete a fluoride treatment at that time. Once the appointment is over, we’ll show your child the prizes they can choose from.

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